Critical Writing

The term critical evokes negative connotations in mind, however, a critical essay could reflect a positive or negative point of view of the writer. Critical writing actually implies writing an essay or paper in which the writer forwards personal opinion on the basis of accurate information and knowledge gained from reliable sources. When writing a critical essay, it is essential to first draft the outline of the essay noting the primary points on which the essay will be based. Once the outline has been drafted, the opening paragraph should introduce the broad topic of the essay, as lucidly and clearly as possible. The final sentence of the introductory paragraph is the thesis statement which clearly explains the intent of the reader in writing the essay and this sentence is also used to develop the subsequent parts of the essay.

When engaging in critical writing, it is also extremely important for the writer to present both sides of the debate, discussing positive as well as negative aspects. By doing so, the author is in a stronger position to prove that the personal stance in the critical essay has been assumed following thorough research and study, and not by being merely judgmental and opinionated on a particular topic or subject. As such any critical writing necessitates that the stance or information provided is backed by authentic and scholarly sources from reliable databases and libraries. When writing a critical essay it is essential to remember that the essay must be highly objective and to-the-point in addition to being free of plagiarism. Most importantly, any critical piece of writing has to be free of grammatical and spelling errors failing which, the essay loses its value and significance, even if the content is good. At oxbridge-researchers. org, we understand the value and significance of error free critical writing, which is why we have only experts assigned to do the work. To learn more about our websites and services, visit us; you have to see it to believe it.

Written By Fatema Batul, Operations Manager, Oxbridge Researchers